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Universal Tips provides useful tips, skills and advice from leading UK motoring solicitors on how to deal with the most common UK road traffic offences. Whatever you are accused of, we have solid, reliable advice for you to draw on and references to reputable defence counsel if you require it. We are here to help you to defend your driving licence from the growing threat of totting up points, etc.   We have tips and advice from leading industry experts, who share their knowledge & experience with you.

Over time, our roads have become increasingly busy, and consequently more dangerous. As speeds increased it became necessary to impose speed limits to police Speeding as well as the associated offences that grew in popularity such as Failing To Stop  and Fail To Report an accident, Drink Drive offences and of course driving with No Insurance.

It wasn’t many years before Undue Care & Attention & Dangerous Driving reared their ugly heads, all of which then lead to the introduction of Totting Up Points on your driving licence. More recently, in the 1990’s as speed cameras gained popularity, it became necessary for drivers who hadn’t been stopped at the roadside to identify themselves, which in turn lead to the introduction of the Section 172 offence of Failing To Name The Driver.

Followed shortly by changes for drivers in the first two years of driving, called New Driver Rules.

Not long after the turn of the millenium, with the massive uptake in the usage of cell phones, laws covering their use while driving were introduced and are still being refined to this day due to large numbers of motorists caught for Mobile Phone Offences.

The most recent road traffic offence legislation covers Drug Driving due to the rapid increase in drivers who persist in driving under the influence of illegal drugs as well as prescription medication.

Legal Motoring Issues are increasingly complex and it is difficult to successfully defend yourself in court unless you do a lot of research into the nuances of UK motoring law and many of the legal precidents that have been set in law over time. There are only a few truely national British motoring lawyers who cover the whole of the UK, many are local solicitors claiming to be national businesses. We recommend one of the most trusted and well respected truly national UK road traffic solicitors www.pattersonlaw.co.uk, who not only have defended us personally with great success, but many other motorists that we have sent their way as well.

While your local family solicitors practice might offer to defend road traffic offences, because they don’t deal with such offences each and every day, they knowledge is never going to be able to compete with a specialist driving licence lawyers practice.


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