The Danger Of Totting Up It’s increasingly easy to run the risk of totting up points on your driving licence. The amount of speed cameras, mobile speed detection vans and constant SPECS constant speed sections of road (many of which are not easy to identify) means that every driver runs the very real risk of […]

Mobile Phone Driving Offences Since the mid 2000’s it’s been an offence to use a mobile phone while driving, but this hasn’t dissuaded many drivers from continuing to use their phones on the move. The law actually says it is an offence to use a mobile phone for telecommunications purposes while driving. This means that […]

New Drivers & The Law New drivers are drivers who have passed their driving tests in the past 24 months. During this period, you have more restrictions than more experienced drivers. Instead of having 12 points available on your licence for motoring offences, in the first 24 months after passing your driving test, you only […]

Section 172 – Road Traffic Act Section 172 (S172) of the Road Traffic Act 1988 (RTA) was put in place with the aim of forcing the registered keeper or the day to day keeper/user of the vehicle to provide information as to the identification of the driver of the vehicle at a specific time when […]

Speeding Offences Speeding used to be straightforward; a policeman saw you driving too fast, pulled you over and gave you a ticket. All this has changed though and now, getting pulled over is a far less common occurrence. Instead, it’s much more normal to receive a Section 172 notice requesting that as the registered keeper […]

No Insurance & Permitting no Insurance The offence of permitting no insurance exists in order to make the registered keeper of each vehicle responsible for anyone driving it to have a valid insurance policy. Prior to this it was the driver who was pursued for not having insurance, but since more remote forms of policing […]

typical UK rat - weils disease

Weil’s Disease Weil’s disease is a bacterial disease which although generally not common, is caused by the infection called leptospirosis which is the more common manifestation of the bacteria’s infection. Weil’s disease is a progression of that infection which is serious, can become severe, and possibly even

Social Media & Selling Online The effects, influence and dependency on the internet grow and grow, like some mad beanstalk that Jack planted. An interesting statistic came from it recently, that there are more devices connected to the internet than there are people on earth, which rather puts the influence of other potential communication mediums, […]

Drinking and Driving Drinking and driving offences carry a mandatory minimum of 12 months driving ban. There are several different offences related to drink driving; Driving or attempting to drive with alcohol level in excess of the legal limit, driving or attempting to drive while unfit through drink, and driving or attempting to drive with […]

Drunk in Charge Offences If you have your car keys on you and you are over the limit then you can be charged with being drunk in charge. This means that even if you have good intentions and don’t intend to drive while drunk, by sleeping in your car in a car park until you […]

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